7th YPP 2015

First Session of 7th Youth Parliament Pakistan successfully concluded today


August 02, Islamabad; On the last day of the first session of 7th Youth Parliament Pakistan Youth Standing Committees presented and defended their Committee Reports in front of the panel of experts. The panel included: Dr. Shoaib Suddle, Former I.G. Sindh, Mr. Nohman Ishtiaq, Public Finance Expert and Ms. Aasiya Riaz, Joint Director PILDAT. The panel posed tough questions to the Members of Youth Parliament Pakistan of respective Youth Standing Committees. The panel evaluated the policy paper of the respective Committees and the Youth Standing Committee on National Security & Foreign Affairs secured the highest marks.

The day concluded with a talk by Mr. Omar Ayub Khan, Former State Minister Finance on the “Entry and Advancement in Politics”. He explained the importance of being a part of the political process by joining political parties. He shared a hand written note by the Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah with the young Parliamentarians, which said that the presidential form of Government was the preferred system for Pakistan.

Out of the 60 members of the first session of the 7th Youth Parliament Pakistan, top 15 Members were selected to participate in the 5th and final session scheduled to be held in December this year.  Their names are as follows:

  • Mr. Daniyal Hassan, YP1-53-ICT01
  • Rana Musa Tahir, YP1-33-PUNJAB22
  • Mr. Anas Munir, YP1-13-PUNJAB02
  • Mr. Mudassar Shahbaz, YP1-25-PUNJAB14
  • Ms. Nurjis Tahira Khan, YP1-30-PUNJAB19
  • Mr. Mahboob Mohsin, YP1-22-PUNJAB11
  • Mr. Mudassar Hassan, YP1-60-GB02
  • Syed Nousherwan Kirmani, YP1-50-SINDH11
  • Ms. Irum Pervaiz, YP1-54-ICT02
  • Mr. Sadam Hussain, YP1-34-PUNJAB23
  • Ms. Momna Khan, YP1-24-PUNJAB13
  • Mr. Muhammad Daud Saleemi, YP1-27-PUNJAB16
  • Mr. Awais Ali Khan, YP1-59-GB01
  • Ms. Rutaba Tariq, YP1-44-SINDH05
  • Mr. Sohaib Nehal, YP1-47-SINDH08
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