7th YPP 2015

Fourth Session of Youth Parliament Pakistan ends successfully

Mr. Omar Ayub Khan, Former Minister of State for Finance addressing the House on “How Parliament Works?"
October 07, Islamabad; The fourth session of 7th Youth Parliament ended successfully.
The top 15 Members selected for the 5th session are as follows:
Sr.# Name Constituency Number
1 Mr. Qaiser Nawab YP4-09-KP05
2 Shehzada Emaad Durrani YP4-03-BALOCHISTAN03
3 Mr. Saifullah Hassan Rana YP4-51-SINDH11
4 Mr. Fakhruddin Ali Valika YP4-43-SINDH03
5 Mr. Zubair Ahmad YP4-11-KP07
6 Mr. Saad Shaukat YP4-37-PUNJAB25
7 Mr. Shahnawaz Baloch YP4-02-BALOCHISTAN02
8 Syed Tauqeer Mehdi Kazmi YP4-61-GB02
9 Ms. Ifrah Waqar YP4-20-PUNJAB08
10 Mr. Asad Palijo YP4-42-SINDH02
11 Mr. Muhammad Mustafa Rizvi YP4-54-ICT01
12 Hafiz Muhammad Faizan YP4-18-PUNJAB06
13 Mr. Saddam Hussain Lashari YP4-50-SINDH10
14 Mr. Abubakr Ayesh YP4-58-AJK01
15 Mr. Mukesh Kumar YP4-47-SINDH07
Earlier, the Members of each Committee presented and defended their reports to the Panel of Experts. The distinguished panel included: Dr. Shoaib Suddle, Former I.G. Sindh, Mr. Sakib Sherani, Senior Economist and Mr. Kanwar Dilshad, Former Secretary, Election Commission of Pakistan.
Youth Standing Committee on Governance scored the highest in the Panel Evaluation. The Committees were assigned with the task to develop a set of recommendations on the following topics:
No. Youth Standing Committee Chairperson Policy Paper Topic
1 Youth Standing Committee on National Security & Foreign Affairs Mr. Fateh Ullah Khan, (YP4-08-KP04) Pakistan’s National Action Plan (December 2014): What is the State of its Implementation and Possible Proposals for Effective Implementation & Oversight
2 Youth Standing Committee on Finance Mr. Muhammad Mustafa Rizvi,(YP4-54-ICT01) Pakistan’s Extended Fund Facility (EFF) Plan with the IMF and its Short-Term and Long-Term Economic Impact on Pakistan.
3 Youth Standing Committee on Political & Electoral System Syed Tauqeer Mehdi Kazmi, (YP4-61-GB02) Is Pakistan more suited to adopt the Proportional Representation (PR) Electoral System versus the First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) Electoral System: Rationale & Proposals
4 Youth Standing Committee on Governance Mr. Fakhruddin Ali Valika, (YP4-43-SINDH03) What are the best International models for measuring Quality of Governance and why?
Mr. Omar Ayub, Former State Minister of Finance held an interactive session with Members of Youth Parliament Pakistan on “How Parliament Works?”
The 5th and final session of 7th Youth Parliament Pakistan is scheduled to be held in the first week of January 2016.
The Youth Parliament Pakistan (www.youthparliament.pk) is an initiative conceived, planned and facilitated by PILDAT (www.pildat.org).
The 7th Youth Parliament Pakistan is supported by the Danish International Development Agency, Government of Denmark as recognition of the importance of young people's involvement in democracy and democratic practices.
Panel of Experts for the Evaluation of Youth Standing Committee Reports of the fourth session of the 7th Youth Parliament Pakistan
Ms. Aimen Khan, Projects Manager PILDAT announcing the results of the fourth session of 7th Youth Parliament Pakistan
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