7th YPP 2015
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Zahid Nisar Gondal
Session 3, 2015
Brief Profile

Mr. Zahid Nisar Gondal born at has been ambitious right from his child hood until now. His career from matriculation to graduation in electronic engineering has been shining and marvelous. Graduated in 2014 from Sir Syed University of engineering and technology, Karachi in 1 division. During the period of matriculation from Pakistan army public school Lahore Cantt, he remained active in schools extracurricular activities ,like schools debating society, essay writing and sports and culture society. On the basis of active participation in school activities he was honored as a distinctive position as best boy of the school.
He continued his enthusiasm during education in engineering university and designated as most active student of the university. He took part in Urdu debate in school and university. Besides participation in extracurricular activities he also has been active in social welfare in building a better youth, he believed that youth is a spinal force of the society and if it is properly trained and guided then there would be no reason that it would not take over the responsibility of making the country prosperous and invulnerable. According to him the local society has always been dependent of active of participation of youth and now is the time the youth should express unity and expose strength to combat day to day problems as well as natural calamities like flood, earthquake and other like disasters.

Status in Youth Parliament

Politically, Zahid Nisar Gondal is affiliated with Blue Party and Member of Standing Committee on Governance.

Contact Detail
Email: zngondal@live.com
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