7th YPP 2015
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Faran Mahmood
Session 4, 2015
Brief Profile

Mr. Faran Mahmood, born on August 1988, graduated from the Cambridge University with M.Phil in Sustainable Development and diploma in Technology Management and Innovation, respectively. He hails from Lahore and is currently working as a Manager at Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad. He has worked as member of Cambridge-MIT innovation team and as business development manager at Belgrave Hotel, Nottingham (UK). He is a fellow of BP think-tank (UK) and is working as Director of Cambridge University Alumni Association. He has worked with Cambridge City council to prepare policy recommendations on effectiveness of credit unions. He was recently invited by Pakistan Senate's Standing committee on Foreign Affairs as a panellist to present his policy paper. He was ranked as top social innovator by UK Trade and Investment in 2013. He was awarded Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) gold medal and President of Pakistan gold medal by Chairman Joint-Chiefs General Tariq Majid.

Status in Youth Parliament

Politically, Faran Mahmood is affiliated with Green Party and Member of Standing Committee on Governance.

Contact Detail
Email: director@cantab.net
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