7th YPP 2015
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Rutaba Tariq
Session 1, 2015
Brief Profile

Born on March 03, 1993, Ms. Rutaba Tariq has been brought up in the city of Karachi. With early schooling from Dawood Public School, she later pursued her academics privately, doing A – levels in History, Psychology, Sociology and English Literature. Currently, she attends the University of Karachi and is studying for her ongoing bachelors in International Relations. She has had the opportunity to contest two elections so far, both of which she won, in school making her House Prefect and later, the official Class Representative for her department at the University of Karachi. Apart from being an avid reader, she has a blog ‘Pulse'. Her passion for writing led her work ‘We Women' be published in the university's literary magazine. Only last year, she joined ‘Khuwab', a student organization that conducts theater for social purposes, offering her expertise in their logistics team. She believes in giving back to the community and thus volunteers, leading her to join the team of ‘Azaad Pakistan'.

Status in Youth Parliament

Politically, Rutaba Tariq is affiliated with Blue Party and Member of Standing Committee on National Security and Foreign Relations.

Contact Detail
Email: rutaba_bla@yahoo.com
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