7th YPP 2015
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Syed Nousherwan Haroon Kirmani
Session 1, 2015
Brief Profile

Syed Nousherwan Haroon Kirmani was born on February 16, 1997 in Karachi. He did his O' levels from The City School and currently doing his A'levels. He was the President for the Public Speaking Society at his school. He is an excellent debater, and keeps an intense eye on the Foreign Affairs of the country, which is evident from his MUN careers in Pakistan. He also has a deep interest in Literature. He was the Chairman of the Literary Society at his school. He produced and enacted several classical dramas with mind wreaking messages for the society. To add another feather to his cap, he was selected as the Student Ambassador by the British Council in 2013. His exceptional motivational and leadership skills were put to use by the British Council for the promotion of Education in Pakistan. He is an active, young and patriotic citizen of Pakistan. He wants to improve the conditions of his country, majorly focusing on "Women's Right And Education."

Status in Youth Parliament

Politically, Syed Nousherwan Haroon Kirmani is affiliated with Green Party and Member of Standing Committee on National Security and Foreign Relations.

Contact Detail
Email: nrabbit7@gmail.com
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