7th YPP 2015
List of Members in Session3
List Sorting: Gender wise


Constituency Name Gender

Area / Province

1 YP3-52-SINDH13 Vacant (Due to Absence of Member) Sindh
2 YP3-08-KP04 Asma Sameen Female KP Blue
3 YP3-14-PUNJAB03 Amna Niaz Female Punjab Blue
4 YP3-40-SINDH01 Ayesha Arif Khan Female Sindh Blue
5 YP3-41-SINDH02 Hajra Shahab Female Sindh Blue
6 YP3-16-PUNJAB05 Anusheh Bakht Aziz Female Punjab Blue
7 YP3-17-PUNJAB06 Arooj Aurangzeb Female Punjab Blue
8 YP3-45-SINDH06 Marina Marri Female Sindh Blue
9 YP3-46-SINDH07 Mariya Farheen Female Sindh Green
10 YP3-18-PUNJAB07 Asia Maqsood Female Punjab Blue
11 YP3-38-PUNJAB27 Tehmina Qazi Female Punjab Blue
12 YP3-48-SINDH09 Noreen Sahito Female Sindh Blue
13 YP3-20-PUNJAB09 Ayesha Hayat Female Punjab Blue
14 YP3-53-ICT01 Shahana Khan Female ICT Blue
15 YP3-54-ICT02 Zoha Khalid Female ICT Blue
16 YP3-60-GB02 Arifa Female GB Blue
17 YP3-24-PUNJAB13 Mariam Hassan Naqvi Female Punjab Green
18 YP3-11-KP07 Tosifullah Khan Marwat Male KP Green
19 YP3-21-PUNJAB10 Faisal Irfan Male Punjab Green
20 YP3-15-PUNJAB04 Ans Khurram Male Punjab Blue
21 YP3-22-PUNJAB11 Ghulam Yaseen Male Punjab Blue
22 YP3-23-PUNJAB12 Jasir Shahbaz Male Punjab Blue
23 YP3-19-PUNJAB08 Mohammad Awais Khan Leghari Male Punjab Blue
24 YP3-25-PUNJAB14 Mian Awais Alam Male Punjab Blue
25 YP3-12-PUNJAB01 Abdul Ahad Male Punjab Green
26 YP3-31-PUNJAB20 Zain Ul Abideen Sohail Male Punjab Blue
27 YP3-10-KP06 Syed Muhammad Uzair Male KP Blue
28 YP3-09-KP05 Irfan Khan Yousafzai Male KP Green
29 YP3-07-KP03 Amir Sohail Male KP Blue
30 YP3-06-KP02 Ahsan Nawaz Khan Male KP Blue
31 YP3-05-KP01 Aaqib Ali Khan Male KP Blue
32 YP3-04-BALOCHISTAN04 Waleed Bizenjo Male Balochistan Blue
33 YP3-03-BALOCHISTAN03 Irfan Ullah Kakar Male Balochistan Blue
34 YP3-02-BALOCHISTAN02 Abdul Shakoor Kakar Male Balochistan Blue
35 YP3-13-PUNJAB02 Ahmad Sher Khan Male Punjab Blue
36 YP3-39-PUNJAB28 Zahid Nisar Gondal Male Punjab Blue
37 YP3-59-GB01 Ammar Yasir Madad Male GB Green
38 YP3-58-AJK02 Muhammad Anwar Ul Haq Male AJK Blue
39 YP3-57-AJK01 Khawaja Khalid Mushtaq Male AJK Green
40 YP3-56-FATA02 Sohail Khan Male FATA Blue
41 YP3-55-FATA01 Ayaz Haider Bangash Male FATA Blue
42 YP3-51-SINDH12 Syed Hassaan Hassan Hashmi Male Sindh Blue
43 YP3-50-SINDH11 Sarfaraz Jamali Male Sindh Green
44 YP3-49-SINDH10 Sarang Mushtaque Male Sindh Blue
45 YP3-47-SINDH08 Muhammad Ahmed Gilal Male Sindh Blue
46 YP3-44-SINDH05 Hassan Abbas Nawaz Awan Male Sindh Green
47 YP3-29-PUNJAB18 Muhammad Imtiaz Azam Male Punjab Blue
48 YP3-42-SINDH03 Hamza Nizam Kazi Male Sindh Blue
49 YP3-26-PUNJAB15 Mohammad Hassan Shaigan Male Punjab Green
50 YP3-37-PUNJAB26 Talal Mustahsan Raza Male Punjab Blue
51 YP3-36-PUNJAB25 Syed Zargham Gilani Male Punjab Blue
52 YP3-35-PUNJAB24 Syed Muhammad Assad Mukhtar Male Punjab Blue
53 YP3-34-PUNJAB23 Rizwan Male Punjab Blue
54 YP3-33-PUNJAB22 Muhammad Zulqarnain Khan Male Punjab Blue
55 YP3-32-PUNJAB21 Muhammad Usman Amjad Male Punjab Blue
56 YP3-30-PUNJAB19 Muhammad Tayyab Shahnawaz Male Punjab Blue
57 YP3-01-BALOCHISTAN01 Abdul Baseer Male Balochistan Blue
58 YP3-28-PUNJAB17 Muhammad Farhan Male Punjab Blue
59 YP3-27-PUNJAB16 Muhammad Adnan Male Punjab Blue
60 YP3-43-SINDH04 Haseebullah Baloch Male Sindh Blue
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